Ken Mai was born in Nara(the oldest capital city of Japan), Japan. 
He has studied with the founder of Butoh "Kazuo Ohno" and has also studied with a  member of Byakkosha Butoh Company in Kyoto, Japan. And the same time he was also a member of the well-known "Eguchi & Sumiko Modern Dance Company(German Expressionist Dance) in Osaka, Japan.
He has practiced Zen at Monastery & Temple in Nara and Kyoto. And has also certified 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at Patanjali Yoga Foundation in Rishikesh, India.
He used to be a Rock drummer and wanted to be a Zen Monk but later has decided to be a dancer.

His style of performance combines Butoh elements with a background in Acting, German expressionist dance, Gymnastics, Ballet, Martial arts, Rock Music and other music, Singing opera style, Zen, and Philosophy of Yoga.
Ken Mai has been performing solo, teaching, directing other companies and has also collaborating with acclaimed dancers, actors, musicians, sculptors, and visual artists all over the world.

Ken Mai is a wide-open heart to everything to learn and guide to students or learn from students. His life of dance is about purifying the body through the esoteric way of practice and reach to the awakened and also find the own individual dance, creation, freedom, pureness, and love! *** He is keeping a very healthy life almost vegan, practicing yoga & purifying energy movement every morning, no smoking, almost no alcohol. He said that dance or life is meditation so no need to sit and meditate anymore, especially unless need it. He has also created some of the Dance Meditation methods and sitting meditation methods for the public based on Zen, Ancient yoga meditation technics which he has studied at the yoga ashram in Rishikesh, India, Natural movement, and also the Martial arts(Wing Chun Kung Fu).

<Performance Experience>

Invited to the Sesalac Butoh retreat in Serbia this Aug.2019.
Improvisation Performance.

Film shooting at Short Film in Scotland this May 2019.

Invited to perform 6 times this spring and summer at Pawel Althamer Exhibition/ HAM/Helsinki Art Museum 2019.

Invited Finnish Art Society Event at Kaapeli Tehdas in Helsinki 2019.

Invited Chile International Butoh Festival in Santiago, Chile & Arica, Chile 2018.

Invited US Tour-solo "Requiem Of Flower" at Seattle Butoh Festival, Butoh College in Portland, Asheville Butoh Festival, Chicago Butoh Festival, in the US. 

Invited WOMAD(a World of Music, Arts, and Dance) festival UK/ Chairman- Peter Gabriel. Collaboration Solo with David Lowe(Dreamcatcher). The Festival included Youssou N' dour, Suzanne Vega, Jimmy Little, Maceo Parker, etc. One of the biggest world music festivals in the world!

Invited City of London Festival UK.
Dai Kyodo Performance, solo with Live 5 acclaimed improvisation musicians including Drummer Charles Hayward, and Acoustic Bassist John Edwards and 2 Visual Artists Paul Smith and Rob Flint. The Festival included Ravi Shankar, Michael Nyman, James Taylor, etc.

Edinburgh Festival /Scotland
Guest Dancer for Imagina Dance Theatre-Solo performance "Ice Flower".

JAPAN 2001 Festival in the UK( a Celebration of Japan in the UK during one year)
Shin Kyodo- UK Tour Performances Solo with London Electronics Musicians Phil Durrant and Paul Hood and a Visual Artist Rob Flint. London-Manchester-Colchester-Oxford University.

Invited Moving Bodies Butoh Festival - Torino, Italy - Galway, Cork, Dublin, Ireland - Glasgow, Scotland on 04.July -28.July.2014.

Invited "Europe Tour 2014" Solo Performance "Dhyana/Meditation - Paris Butoh Festival, Amsterdam, Torino, Italy, Cork and Dublin, Ireland, Glasgow, Scotland, Firenze, Italy, Helsinki, Prague and Mexico City 2016.

Invited Mexico on the day of the Dead festival 2008 in Mexico City. Solo "Butoh Bigaku" 4 performances Sold out!! At the National Arts Centre of Mexico in Mexico City.

Invited Collaboration performance with Gustavo Collini Sartor in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013.

Invited FLOW festival 2012 guest performer for Phantom in Helsinki.

Invited Barcelona Butoh festival 2012/solo "Poem of Phenomenon" at Nun Art in Barcelona, Spain.

Invited the 1st Dublin Butoh festival 2012/solo "Poem of Phenomenon" at Back Loft in Dublin, Ireland.

Invited Paris Butoh festival 2012/solo "Poem of Phenomenon" at Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree in Paris.

Invited Sarzana Butoh festival 2012/ solo "Poem of Phenomenon" at Sarzana Castle in Sarzana, Italy.

Invited Open Look International dance festival 2012/ group work "Tokyo in the sky" with Poema Theatre at Erarta in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Invited "Tokyo in the sky" with Poema Theatre in Moscow, Russia.

Invited DIALOG Radical Performance and Sound From Tokyo, Berlin, London, New York
Solo Collaboration with Pianist Steve Beresford and Live Video by Scopac at The October Gallery Theatre, London.

Invited '11 5th International dance-exchange project on Butoh and related arts at Schloss Bröllin in Germany/5-21.Aug.2011. Teacher & Choreography work and students Presentation.

Invited World Village Festival 2011 in Helsinki, Finland solo performance " Prayer of the heart ".

Invited Das Kunstfestival "Strom" solo "This human body is called a city with eleven gates" at Kunsthaus-Rhenania in Köln Germany/ Sep.2011.

Invited Collaboration performance with Textile designer Anna-Maija Aarras at Turku Art Museum in Finland/ Sep.2011.

Prayer performance at Vashisht Temple in India 2008.

 Invited Europeans Regions International Theatre Festival/ Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.
3 Solo Works "The Padma", "Butoh Bigaku" and "Kyoto 2004".

Invited Memorial International Theatre Festival/ Kolin, Czech Republic.
Solo Work " Butoh Bigaku"

Invited Jaaleekaay International Dance Festival/ Praha, Czech Republic.
Solo Work "Padma" at Ponec Theatre.

Invited Love Planet Music Festival/ Tabor, Czech Republic
Solo Work "Kurobana"  The Festival Included Nick Cave, Apocalyptica etc.

Invited Eary Music Festival/ Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.
Solo Works "Butoh Bigaku" "Kyoto 2004" at Egon Schiele Art Centre, City Theatre and Collaboration with
Early music group Kvinterna at Renaissance Castle.

Invited Cibulak International Theatre festival/ Pezinok, Slovakia
Solo works "Kin Ai & Mujoh", "Dead people's things"  twice invited!

Invited Benefit performance for MS(Multiple Sclerosis) Patients and others/ Praha & Brno, Czech Republic
Duet with MS Patient. "Small flower"  Choreographed by Ken Mai

Invited Avant-Garde Music Festival/ Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Solo Collaboration with London Electronics Musician Paul Hood.

Invited Wegajty International Theatre Festival/Wegajty, Poland
Solo Work "This human body is called a city with eleven gates"

Invited Open Cinema International Short Film Festival/ St.Petersburg,Russia.
Solo Work "Bi To Shi/Beauty & Death" at Dom Kino.

Invited Butoh Relations Festival/ St.Petersburg, Russia.
Duet Work "Jyu Ningen Zu "with Pauliina Tyni at Music Hall. Choreographed by Ken Mai
The Festival Included Yukio Waguri, Kinya Tsuruyama, etc.

Invited "Butoh Bigaku" Solo work with 7 Mexican Assistants at National Arts Centre of Mexico/ Mexico City.

Invited isfit Festival(International Student Festival in Trondheim)/ Trondheim, Norway. The Biggest International Student Festival in the World.
Solo Work "Butoh Bigaku"

Invited International FestTeatro/ Poschiavo(Switzerland) & Tirano(Italy).
Solo Works "Kin Ai" & "Mujoh" at Teatro Mignon and Cinema Rio.

Invited International Sculptors Symposium/ Pietra Santa, Italy.
Collaboration with Sculptor Renate Hahn. Duet with Bridget Scott. Directed By Ken Mai

Invited Ideja Festival/ Riga, Latvia
"Butoh Bigaku" Solo Work with  5 Latvian Assistants at Kino.

Invited International Black and White Theatre Festival/ Imatra, Finland.
Presentation of Finland/ "Butoh Bigaku" Solo Work with 6 Finnish Assistants at Imatra Theatre.

Invited ARKI! Contemporary Dance Festival/ Helsinki,Finland.
Solo Work "Flower Blooming in the City.

Invited Contemporary Dance Tour / Osaka, Japan
Improvisation Solo at Osaka City Museum.

Invited Contemporary Dance Selections/ Osaka, Japan
Solo Work "Ice Flower" at Minamino Domannaka Hall.

"Guys" Dance Event/ Kobe, Japan
Solo Work using Cello at Al Hall in Kobe, Japan.

Nishikawa Senrei's Nihon Buyoh Performance "Arubekiyohwa"/ Tokyo, Japan.
Assistant dancer at Art Sphere.

Kyoto Dance Festival.
Solo Works and Duet Works with Bridget Scott " Modern Noh Spiele", "The Lament of Roses", "Microcosm", "BWV988", "Matrix" etc at Alti Hall, Kyoto Japan.

"Kazuo Ohno" Homage Event" The Kazuo Ohno's Universe and Flower 2004/ Osaka, Japan
Solo Work for Kazuo Ohno at Art Theatre db.
In Audience "Kazuo Ohno" & Yoshito Ohno(Son)

Europe Tour/ Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic(13 Cities).
Solo Works "Kin Ai" & "Mujoh" All Performances in Major Theatres and Festivals.


<Teaching Experience>

Chile International Butoh Festival in Santiago and Arica, Chile 2018.

US Tour(Seattle, Portland, Asheville, Chicago in the US).

Open University Butoh Aesthetics Course since 2009 - presence.

TEAK/National Theatre Academy of Finland/ MA degree program in performance and Theory and Open University Butoh courses 5 times/ Helsinki.

Lahden Kansanopisto/Theatre Students in Lahti, Finland(Butoh courses)Since 2010 - Presence 2019.

Kalliolan Kansalaisopisto in Helsinki, Finland. (Regular classes & Weekend Butoh courses) Since
2007- 2020 Presence.

Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013.

Workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania 2013.

Barcelona Butoh festival 2012 - Workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

Dublin Butoh festival 2012 - Workshop at Back Loft in Dublin, Ireland.

Sarzana Butoh festival 2012 - workshop at Sarzana Castle in Sarzana, Italy.

Paris Butoh festival 2012 - workshop at Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree in Paris, France.

Workshop in Budapest, Hungary.

Workshop in Warsaw, Poland.

Black and white International Theatre festival 2012 - Workshop in Imatra, Finland. '11 5th International dance-exchange project on Butoh and related arts at Schloss Bröllin in Germany/ 5-21.Aug.2011.

Professional class teaching for freelance dancers at Theatre Aleksanteri/ Helsinki.

Workshop for Psychophysics Association/ Turku, Finland.

Butoh Course at National Arts Centre of Mexico/ Mexico City.

Butoh Workshop at WOMAD festival/ Reading, UK.

Butoh Workshop at Edinburgh festival/ Scotland.

Butoh Workshop at Contact Theatre/ Manchester, UK.

Butoh Workshop at Laban Centre of London/ London, UK.

Butoh Workshop at Love Planet Music festival/ Tabor, Czech Republic.

Butoh Workshop at isfit(International Student Festival in Trondheim)/ Trondheim, Norway.

Butoh Workshop at Wegajty International Theatre Festival/ Wegajty, Poland.

Butoh Workshop at Butoh Relations festival/ St.Petersburg, Russia.

Butoh Workshop at International Sculptors Symposium/ Pietra Santa, Italy.

Butoh Workshop at TeatroFest/ Poschiavo, Switzerland.

Butoh Workshop at Kuvataide Akatemia/ National Academy of Fine Arts/ Helsinki.

Butoh Course at Taidekoulu maan(Art School)/ Suomenlinna, Finland.

Butoh Course at Europeans Regions Theatre festival/ Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

Butoh Workshop at Memorial International Theatre Festival/ Kolin, Czech Republic.

Butoh Courses at Theatre Naamio ja Höyhen/ Helsinki.

Butoh Workshop at Prefecture of Osaka Disabled Hospital School/ Osaka, Japan.

Butoh Workshop at Tsechokling Tibetan Monastery/ Dharamsala, India.

Butoh Courses at KETO/ Järvenpää, Finland.

Butoh Course at Kankaanpään Taidekoulu(Art School)/ Kankaanpää, Finland.

Butoh Courses at Druna/ Praha, Czech Republic.

Butoh Courses at Broumov festival/ Broumov, Czech Republic.

Butoh Course at Plasy Monastery/ Plasy, Czech Republic.

Butoh Courses at Tanssipaja miilu/ Helsinki, Finland.

Butoh Course at Moving Station/ Plzen, Czech Republic.

Butoh Workshops at Ideja festival/ Riga, Latvia.

Butoh Workshop at Rhenania Kunsthaus/ Köln, Germany.

Butoh Regular classes/Kyoto.

Butoh Course & Lecture at Kizoin-Temple/ Yoshinoyama, Nara, Japan.

Butoh Course at Amanohashidate Youth Hostel/ Kyoto, Japan.