Thursday, October 21, 2021

Vienna Butoh Festival 2021!

 Date: 13-14th Nov in Vienna, Austria

Workshop: 13th at 11 - 14. Venue: Studio IGRA.

Fee: 40 euro.


Performance: New solo "The Swan Hymn" on the 14th Nov.2021 at Lalish Theaterlabor

Photo by IIkka Roitto

Thursday, July 8, 2021

New solo " The Swan Hymn " at Caisa in Helsinki!

Date: 6 and 7th Oct. 2021.
The show starts at 7 pm(both days)
Assistant Ballet dancer: Jessi Räty. 

Photo by Minna Hatinen

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Body Radical International Performing Arts Biennial in Budapest this Sep!

 Date: 13 - 18.Sep

Details coming soon!

Jyväskylä Butoh Festival this Aug!

 Date: 27-29.Aug. 2021

Sat. 28th Aug- Butoh Workshop at Villa Rana, Seminaarinmäki 13, Paulaharjun sali.

Starts from 3 - 6 pm(15 - 18). 

Workshop: Return to the nature of the body, and use the image to the outside while looking at the inside innocently, and try to draw/move the process of self-expression and transformation in space. Everyone can participate regardless of their dancing experience or age.

solo performance "The Swan Hymn" 25 min, at Villa Rana, Seminaarinmäki 13, Blomstedtin sali on the 28th of Aug at 8:40 pm!