Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yoga Aesthetics Course starts from 14.Sep - 'till 30th.Nov.2016 at Kalliolan Kansalaisopisto in Helsinki!!

Booking : www.kalliolankansalaisopisto.fi
Photo by Vanessa Riki
About the Course: Yoga Aesthetics is a new type of artistic and meditative yoga. It involves serenity of movement of asanas(posture) based on Ancient Hatha Yoga from India. The principle of this yoga is to purify and practice body,mind,senses,nadis(energy system)and soul to reach to the samadhi state. It consists of eight stages of practice. 1.Prayer 2.Pranayama 3.Asana 4.Yoga aesthetics movement 5.Chakra & Kundalini movement 6.Pratyahara(Senses control) 7.Meditation 8.Samadhi(Union,liberation,oneness,freedom,pure,emptiness,love). Welcome any levels! No previous experience of yoga is required. Teaching in English!