Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Avant Art Festival in Wroclaw in Poland 3 - 8.Oct.2016!

Solo Performance "XESDERCAS" at Avant Art Festival in Wroclaw,Poland on the 7th.Oct.2016.
Workshop 8th.Oct.2016.
Contact : www.avantart.pl     Photo: Kazimierz Zdzieblo.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Butoh Course starts from 16.Sep - 2.Dec.2016 at Kalliolan Kansalaisopisto in Helsinki! Morning class(every Friday): 10:30 -12:30. Evening class(every Friday): 5 - 7pm

Yoga Aesthetics Course starts from 14.Sep - 'till 30th.Nov.2016 at Kalliolan Kansalaisopisto in Helsinki!!

Booking : www.kalliolankansalaisopisto.fi
Photo by Vanessa Riki
About the Course: Yoga Aesthetics is a new type of artistic and meditative yoga. It involves serenity of movement of asanas(posture) based on Ancient Hatha Yoga from India. The principle of this yoga is to purify and practice body,mind,senses,nadis(energy system)and soul to reach to the samadhi state. It consists of eight stages of practice. 1.Prayer 2.Pranayama 3.Asana 4.Yoga aesthetics movement 5.Chakra & Kundalini movement 6.Pratyahara(Senses control) 7.Meditation 8.Samadhi(Union,liberation,oneness,freedom,pure,emptiness,love). Welcome any levels! No previous experience of yoga is required. Teaching in English!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Moving bodies butoh & live art festival in Torino,ITALY 2016

Ken Mai solo "XESDERCAS" on 14.July.2016. Assistant performer: Shiraz Pertev.
Workshop on 14.15.16.July.2016.
Info: www.movingbodiesfestival.com

Natural High Healing festival 2016 in Finland

Date: 7-10.July.2016
Performance and 2 workshops(Butoh & 5 Limbs Meditation dance)
Details coming soon!

New Solo " XESDERCAS " at Höyhentämö in Helsinki!!!

Date: 23.24.25.May.2016( all shows start 7pm)
Choreography and dance by Ken Mai
Assistant performer : Sanni Andersen
Tickets: 20/12
Booking at Höyhentämö
Phone: 045 6711047
Email: info@hoyhentamo.fi

Nature butoh & meditation dance workshop in Suomenlinna, Finland!

Date: Sat.21.May.2016(10-16) -lunch break 45 min -
Meeting at Kauppatori(Ferry place) at 9:30am.
Cost: 20/15
Location: Cave,park,rocks,hills,seaside.
- yoga, Natural movement, Pranayama(vital energy) movement, Mantra, Image dance & Transformation work, Evolution process, Improvisation and Meditation dance etc..